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Featured on Darling: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Airbnb in Today's Market

Photo by: Carrie Radford

Photo by: Carrie Radford


A few weeks ago I was eating tacos with my friend Ziza (Digital Managing Editor for Darling Media) as she had just returned to Nashville from living in Italy for 3 months and was about to leave to move back to L.A. She was sharing all about her time in Italy (we overlapped there by one day but were in different parts of the country) and I was sharing about my Europe trip, #vanlife trip, and everything that has been going on with the house. 

As we were talking she mentioned that she thought the Darling audience would love to hear about my experience with Airbnb. So here we are...and over on the Darling blog I've not only shared tips of Airbnb, but also the pros and cons if you are considering starting your own Airbnb.