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Featured Products: Micush Illustration

I am BEYOND excited to share that I selected Micush Illustration as April’s featured product! A few years ago during the middle of my kitchen renovation I was walking around the Citizen Supply store at Ponce City Market in Atlanta and found two prints that I absolutely loved! I framed them immediately and SO many people have asked where they could get their own. There was only one issue, I didn’t know where to send them since I had found them in a pop-up shop. This past January I posted a photo of my kitchen with the prints and I happened to tag Citizen Supply. It just so happened that they reposted the photo and Michal Marko - the owner and illustrator of Micush Illustration - saw it and contacted me to do a collaboration. I absolutely love her work and was eager to get more prints around the casa. I would probably buy everything in her lookbook if I could. Her prints are full of beautiful colors and simplistic patterns that would add character to any room!

I decided to do a little Q&A with Michal so we could all get to know her a bit more:

1. Question: Why did you decide you wanted to set up a stationery brand?

Answer: I have always loved stationery products. Ever since I was a little girl, I used to collect all the stationary gifts I received and kept them safe. I loved to exchange them with my friends, trying to find something special and unique. I always had a variety of notebooks and postcards, DIY craft items and special memos. When I started my business I mainly printed my illustrations on paper to be sold as prints. However, I later added stationary products and now they are a major part of my offering. I feel that paper products can link between our nostalgic memories and the current modern designs.

2. Question: Which piece of stationary could you not go without?

Answer: I must say that this is a tough one... I think that stationery with the highest impact and value for me is the weekly planner. Despite the fact that I use my computer for everything, there is nothing better than to quickly scribble down some thoughts, comments, plans, and even sketches.

3. Question: Your products have a calming, minimalist aesthetic, so how do you like to relax at home when you're not working?

Answer: Taking care of my plants is something that really helps me relax. Seeing how they grow (some from leaves that I propagated) really fills me up.
Taking the time to learn new things is also something I love to do in my spare time. The last thing I did was learn embroidery :)

4. Question: You live in Israel - what's your perfect day out?

Answer: I live in Petach Tikva, which is very near to Tel Aviv. During the weekdays I work long hours and take care of my 2 lovely daughters. Therefore I hardly have time to do anything else.  It is during the weekends where I have the chance to travel around our beautiful country. Israel has a mixture of scenery and climates. It is usually hot, but we have a snowy mountain in the north and a desert in the south, all within a couple of hours drive from each other. This means that we get to experience all of it, and on top of that, we also have some great historical sights like Jerusalem and other important locations.
Going to any of these locations with my family, friends and my camera is a perfect day for me.

As you can imagine as soon as she said that about plants I knew we would be friends! Now I have over 8 Micush prints in the casa!!

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